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Video ads for a high converting talent acquisition process


In order to make the most of the attention you get and make your job ad stand out from the rest, multimedia content is the best way to go. We all know how an image can share a thousand thoughts, video is even better. People love videos, it's easy to consume and shares way more about your brand than just a copy of tasks related to the job.

Few benefits to adding videos to your job ad

1. Deliver your employer brand:

Using a video format makes your brand transpire easily with your job ad. Candidates get a sense of who you really are and are better willing to engage with a video than with a regular text copy. 

2. Social media loves videos:

Videos are the main thing consumed on social media these days. And by choosing a video format, you will get a better organic traction than a simple text and link. Your job ad will get more views, thus more interest and applications.

3. Leveraging the biggest video platform in the world, Youtube:

By making a video format of your job ad, you not only get a better chance to deliver your message but you will also reach an audience you never reached before. Leveraging Youtube where billions of hours of video are consumed every year. 

4. Better conversion rates:

Videos have a great converting rate advantage compared to traditional text copies. As for sales, we know for a fact that more than half the decisions are influenced by the video content. The same applies for job applications

5. A better format for mobile:

If attention is hard to get on desktop, it is harder on mobile. When a job seeker is learning about the position to fill, more than half of the time it will happen on small screens. They end up scrolling down and up the page looking for specific content while they can just watch the video, making this experience better

Tips for a high converting video job ad content

  • Showcase employee stories to build a feeling of trust
  • Inform about the skills involved in this position.
  • Show your company expertise.
  • Show the team that will be hosting the new comer.
  • Show the real day to day environment and mentality of your team.
  • Show the values and uniqueness of your company, highlight your value proposition
  • Answer frequently asked questions you hear from candidates during interviews
  • Make sure the video is not too long. Remember the attention span, 1 min feels like an hour online, you would be lucky to get 1 min of attention from a job seeker.
  • Make sure you include a company logo, contacts and follow up call to action.

Here are few examples of great job ads and employer branding videos

Facebook: This is a corporate recruitment video that mostly showcases the values and work environment of the big giant.

Apple: Great branding from the most loved brand in the world

TMQ research: A simple yet effective job ad for content writers

KPMG: A corporate recruitment video with a funny twist

Starbucks: Great employer branding showing the people's stories

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