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Employer branding 101 - Things you can do


An employer brand is how people feel when they hear or see your company name. When they remember you or get asked about you, would they say you're a cool company? A good place to work and expand their knowledge? A bad management team? The feeling they get when they get offered a job, when they wake up in the morning to get ready to come to work, and when friends tell them about you is what makes a good or bad employer brand. 

A brand's value in the other hand is it's ability to drive interest and influence people's decisions. 

"A company's brand is the feeling it leaves after each interaction.
We commonly call it reputation."

Employer branding is a marketing process designed to communicate an employer's unique identity in order to support talent acquisition and retention. In other terms, building a great employer brand will convert into a better talent acquisition process, lower employee turnover rate and a better team cohesion. A good solid happy team.

Employer branding is more important than ever

Because job search is not the same anymore: Just like customers do before buying anything, candidates go online and search information about your company before even considering applying for your jobs. They read reviews, visit your website and ask friends who've been there on social media. They make a decision based on what they found.

We're at the age of informed candidates. So from a talent acquisition perspective, your reputation as an employer can play for or against you. You can either chose to ignore this fact, or chose to control what you can.

Because employee turn over rate is a nightmare: One of the biggest challenges of the HR team is to keep employees happy. Because you're only as good as your last interaction. employer branding goes beyond talent acquisition, Companies who care about their staff are those who succeed in building a strong long lasting employer brand.

The equation is simple, lots of competition + rare qualified talents = hard loyalty.

The sad part is that most employees are willing to change jobs for a better one. This means one of two things. either this person was not supposed to be selected because she does not fit the reality of the job, or that you did not deliver on the promise, and the values you say you stand for are a little diluted. The truth is, people are complicated beings, and their aspirations change through time. Some look for stability, some look for recognition, some look for expansion and others care about salary and benefits.  

Making sure the values your company stands for manifest into the reality of the job is the first step to ensure employee satisfaction and engagement. Once you made sure you are who you say you are, there are many things you can do to keep employees happy. The most important one, listening, and acting upon feedback.

Planning to put some efforts on your employer branding? Here are some things you can do to build a great brand that attracts the right candidates and keeps them happy and engaged.

Employer branding 101 - Things you can do for a good start

  • Define and communicate your unique employer value proposition: Define and communicate what makes your company unique. What is special about your company, your team, your work environment and vision? A good place to start is by asking your own employees. Showcase your difference on your website, your career space and your online profiles. Make sure your job openings show your story, and tell more about what makes your brand unique. People love stories, and it helps answer questions about who you are instead of only talking about what you do. 
  • Be available: If people don't see you, they don't know about you. There are lots of social platforms, online job boards and employer directories. Make sure you are being available where those qualified candidates are looking. Depending on the type of audience you are targeting, you should figure out the best places to put efforts in. Make sure your social media pages, website and company online profiles showcase the brand you want to put out there and deliver a coherent message.
  • Content is king: Content is the best way to ensure an online presence and position your brand through organic search results and social media. But not only that. People love content like blogs, images and videos. And it tells them more than just a job post they find online. Do you have a corporate blog? Do you share employee stories? Do you have a career space? If not yet, work with your marketing team to define your action plan and set goals. Delight people and let them know about your brand by answering their potential questions.
  • Company reviews: One of the greatest ways to implicate employees to boost your talent acquisition process. Candidates just like customers, love reviews. They get premium information about your company and it builds a strong feeling of trust. Make sure you collect feedback and show it on your career space. It's also a great way to leverage employee stories and engage them in your talent acquisition process. Employer reviews can make or break your talent acquisition process. The sad thing to notice is that companies are generally afraid of reviews. But, the thing is, there are those who ignore them, and those who turn them into a powerful talent acquisition tool.
  • Multimedia job ads: In the internet era, multimedia content is king. Adding multimedia job ads can make a big difference in channeling your brand through graphics and videos. It's social media friendly easy to get and delivers way more information than just a regular peace of paper. At first glance, it might look complicated and harder to produce, but when you think about the return on the time and energy invested, it's a no brainer. Just like videos are important for sales, you will see how your job ads increase conversion rates and the brand popularity rise that comes with it. 
  • Employee feedback and surveys to ensure satisfaction and engagement: Employee surveys are great. There is a lot we can learn from our own employees. Some do on-boarding interviews to get a feedback on the on-boarding process. some do last day interviews to get a feedback on why they lost an employee, little do interviews with people who stay. And that is what might be wrong in all this. Your best employee might be looking for a job elsewhere, and you just did not see it. Using surveys is a great way to get a constant feedback on the situation. And it gives you an idea about the potential discrepancies that might be there between who you think you are, and who you really are. Of course, the most important part in this is to act upon the feedback you get. 
  • Team building activities for a good solid happy team: Team building activities are the number one go to thing of the HR. And by activities we are not talking about the annual Christmas party. These are activities that are done during the work day, with the intent to create a more cohesive team. They help channel your vision and give a live personality to the company. From jeans day to the paintball game, companies are getting creative in defining what makes their employees happy.
  • Branded work environment as a reminder of who you are: Work environment is where employees spend their day and most of their time. Some companies get creative when it comes to office design and installations. The end goal being to keep employees happy and engaged by giving them recognition and the right environment to expand. A good example is the DNA wall at Tour Optimus's office. The Wall is meant to highlight the importance of the team in building a great company by using their DNA print. And it's simply a genious way to turn a dead wall into a living branded statement. 

There are many other things you can do to build a great employer brand. The only important thing to keep in mind is that these efforts are not in vain. It's a long process that gives results for the long run. And if you put in the time and efforts needed, you'll see tangible improvements in your talent acquisition costs, you will lower employee turnover rate, and will definitely see your people's performance rise. 

People like to work with people

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