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Company reviews for talent acquisition


Candidates love and trust feedback from people like them. And your reputation can make or brake your talent acquisition process, depending on the reviews they found on your brand.

With the rise of employer reviews sites, companies who embrace this new side of recruitment are those who benefit the most from their branding efforts, and generally end up on top of the list for the best places to work. Why? because they chose to control what they can instead of ignoring it like the rest.

"We can't control what people say. But we can control where they say it."

Part of building a strong employer brand is sourcing and monitoring employee feedback. Knowing how your brand is perceived is a truth that can be harsh sometimes, but it is a necessity in order to understand your weaknesses and strengths and improve upon it. It's also a great way to empower your online presence and build a strong employer brand leveraging employee stories and recommendations.

Benefits of employer reviews

Embracing company reviews is a choice of facing the thruth. It can be stressful, but it sure has more benefits than cons. Here are some reasons to make the right choice and integrate employer reviews in your talent acquisition process.

  • Leverage employee feedback and recommendations: Happy employees can help you build a stronger voice for the HR team. They can recommend your brand and share their personal story, they will inspire others to work with you. People trust other people who've been there, so let your employees be the engine of your brand.
  • Builld trust and credibility: If you are not afraid of showing the true you, employer reviews ultimately help you build a stronger feeling of trust. Ok having great reviews helps. But bad reviews aren't the end of the world anyways. First because it's always going to happen, we can't make everybody happy, and second, because it is still premium information you share with the candidate, and we all appreciate transparency. Believe it or not, yes bad reviews can hurt, but unless everybody says you're bad, it is still a game to play and you better embrace it and live with it than ignore it.
  • Attract informed candidates: Ultimately, employer reviews are popular because they help candidates make a better, clearer decision before applying for a job. Informed candidates make for great employees. They know what to expect in interviews, they know what to expect at the job, and they know exactly who you are. This makes your interviewing process easier and talent retention even better, 
  • Get feedback: Feedback is the engine of evolution. Leveraging employees to get feedback is the first step to knowing what attracts candidates and what keeps your employees happy. Feedback is great to have, but acting upon it is the important part.

Employees top priorities when looking for a job

We are humans, and we all have different interests and aspirations. But there are few common things candidates look for when searching for a job. Here are the 3 top priorities we believe every company should consider working on in order to make it in this ultra competitive HR world.

  • Salaries and benefits are the number one reason people quit their job. No reason to think this isn't on top of the list when choosing the right job. And it is. Yess people have other aspirations, what generally speaking, salaries and benefits will be the number comparable information they will use for short term.
  • Management and workplace: The people we work with are the ones who make our day great or bad. One important thing candidates are looking for in a company is to feel valued at the job. How do the management interact with the staff? What kind of environment i will be working in? Is there any possibility for remote work or flexible work hours? 
  • Career evolution opportunities: We all have aspirations, goals and dreams. What about the long term with a company. Companies who offer great career evolution opportunities tend to do better in the talent acquisition and management side. If an employees feels that there is nothing more they can do or learn, they will be looking elsewhere. Some make it clear how employees can progress through time, some don't. As people are complicated beings, this is a very important aspect to consider in order to build a solid team for the long run.

People like to work with people

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